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Range of M&C Products

Automation System M&C group s.r.l is a supplier of Automation Systems and Control Rooms with included the PLC and electrical Panels and Skids Package. Our company is able to carry out the following works:

1. Engineering, Procurements, Testing, Commissioning & Start up
2. Manufacturing of Electrical/ PLC Cabinet, Control Rooms, Metering Skid and Reducing gas station.
3 .Civil Construction, Electrical Installation & Maintenance

Process control system :

• Distribuited Control System (D.C.S.)
• Burner Management System (B.M.S.)
• Emergency Shut-down System (E.S.D.)
• Remote Control System (S.C.A.D.A.)

Mounted skids :

• Gas / Oil Metering Skid
• Burner Instrument Skid
• Pressure reducing Skid
• Heater Skid
• Pig Lunchers & receivers